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Happy New Year, December 2015

Dear Fans, Friends and Family,

As our holiday season is soon to become New Year 2016 I would like to acknowledge that we are all Queens and Kings in our own special and unique ways.

Thank you to all sisters, mothers, nieces and daughters, young and old, who show by example so much love, dignity, respect and patience. All women are true Queens who make us proud when we support and compliment one another openly and sincerely.

Queens are complimented by Kings. Thank you to the men in our lives who show us daily that we are loved. Thank you to our brothers, fathers, nephews and sons who have made a profound difference in so many lives, including mine. It is their thoughtfulness and kind deeds passed forward that honor us.

'Now That I Found You' was one of two songs recorded on the 'Credo' album, I wrote with Barry Eastmond, who continues to be an inspirational colleague, co-writer, collaborator, father, son and husband.

The song's title and lyrics were inspired by myself becoming a mother. I was reminded then, as I am now on a daily basis, what a blessing our children and families are. At every age and stage of their and our lives.

Happy New Year 2016



October 30, 2015:

Dear South African, Zimbabwean, Namibian Fans and Family:

I am very humbled by all the messages that have been forwarded to me. I must admit I am still blown away by the immediate and continued support you have shown me, and my family over the past few weeks.

I would also like to thank all media including radio, TV (especially Idols South Africa) for their messages of support and newspaper journalists for their on going well researched articles.

All of you have confirmed that through sadness and tough times there is always love, hope and optimism.

I feel truly blessed to have spent so much time this year in South Africa with my daughter. We look forward to returning to your beautiful continent as planned and performing in Africa again with the only change being a different stage management company will be hired.

Thinking of you this weekend and here's how I feel now:




To My Fans In South Africa:

I was informed yesterday my father has been put in hospital and he is gravely ill.

Disappointing so many fans here in South Africa who have been attending my concerts and following my television shows here with so much love and kindness is heart wrenching and makes me very sad.

It has been a very difficult decision. However I have decided to catch the first flight back to New York so my daughter may be with her grandfather and I with them both.

It is with a very heavy heart we leave South Africa so suddenly and I can only hope you understand and will welcome me and my family again after such short notice of cancellations of shows.

Jennifer, October 2015



TV Show in South Africa, October 2015

Jennifer had a guest appearance in the Southern African Idols October 4, DStv Channel 101 (Mnet and Mzanzi Magic). Together with the finalists of the show she performed "The Power Of Love" as opener of the show and ended it with "Ring Of Ice".

Click here or go to the video section to watch the live performances.



New Tour Date added for Pretoria, Booking for Harare announced, September 2015

Check out the Dates Section for the updates !



Photoshooting South Africa - Making of video online, June 2015

Visit the video section or click on the pic to watch some impressions from behind the scenes.



Jennifer Rush live on Daron Mann Breakfast on Algoa FM, June 2015

Looks like a lot of fun...

Photos: Mike Barwood



Photoshooting South Africa, TV-Show, June 2015

Some impressions from the TV Show Expresso Morning Show - watch the interview in the video-section.


And here a first look behind the scenes of the Photoshooting in South Africa:





Promotion Tour in South Africa goes on, June 2015

Don´t miss the following dates. Click on the links to listen to the interviews:

June 9 - Jennifer Rush on CliffCentral with Gareth Cliff (Interview)

June 10 - Complimentary Breakfast on Jacaranda 94.2

June 14 - live studio interview on Power 98.7

June 18 - Expresso Morning Show

June 18 - SABC 3 & Cape Talk in the afternoon.

Full site article in the citizen - read it here.



Jennifer starts the tour promotion, June 2015

This week Jennifer landed in South Africa to do some promotion for her upcoming tour this autumn.

Stay tuned on her official facebook account to find pics, links and videos of her interviews, TV-Shows and more.

We will put the "best of" in here soon.



Live Concerts starting in South Africa, April 2015

After her huge success two years ago, Jennifer Rush will go back to South Africa this autumn to start her tour over there. Concerts in Zimbabwe and Namibia included. Here are the confirmed dates:

October 9 & 10 - Bloemfontein

October 14 - Johannesburg

October 16 - Johannesburg

October 18 - Pretoria SOLD OUT !

October 23 - Harare (Zimbabwe)

October 24 - Cape Town

October 28 - East London

October 30 - Port Elizabeth

November 1 - Durban

November 6 & 7 - Windhoek (Namibia)

For more information and tickets check out the dates section.




Open Air in Germany, September 2014

30th anniversary of her first album this year – but where is Jenny ? She spent some weeks in Europe over spring and summer to set up new live arragements of her songs together with her band. They presented a part of it together on a festival in Wittenberge, Germany this weekend. It worked out great – looks as if they found the right key of working together. Jenny enjoyed her time on stage as well as the audience of 2.500 people.

Jennifer on the rehearsal to the gig in Germany - go on facebook to find some fan pics (thanks for sharing !) and comments to the show.



Jennifer Rush Open Air in Poland, June 2014

Last night Jennifer Rush performed live in the Amphitheatre Dolina Charlotty in Poland in front of an audience of 10.000 people. The pouring rain could not stop Jennifer having fun on stage and entertaining the crowd with a brilliant show.

Here some impressions:


Jennifer Rush backstage before the rehearsal

Rehearsal with the band

Photos: JR.C




First Live dates for 2014

Happy new year everyone !

Jennifer Rush and band:

June 21, Amphitheatre Dolina Charlotty (Charlotta Valley), Poland

September 6, Kult Festival, Wittenberge, Germany (Tickets)

Stay tuned for more dates and details.



Ice Age Live, December 2013

Jennifer Rush had a great time visiting Berlin again to watch the musical premiere of "Ice Age Live" together with the family of a friend of hers.

Rare guest on a red carpet: Jennifer Rush

Photo: RCR Laurenz Carpen

The famous german comedian Otto Waalkes - the german voice of "Sid".

Photos: Stage Entertainment




Special Guest in a special show, November 2013

You wanna be haunted by a zombie ? Feel thrilled to survive a meeting with a crazy bloody slaughter ? Dancing with Freddy Kruger ? Don´t dream a nightmare, but live it ? So you are welcome to join the yearly „Horrornights“ in the Moviepark Babelsberg, Potsdam near Berlin.

Over five months star stylist Andrej Baranow and his crew around the entertainer Tina Knaus casted monsteractors, created costumes and masks to realize the this year „Horrornights“ around Halloween. In this week 160 (!) motivated monsters try their best to scare the visitors of the park. „Scream if you can“ is the theme of the days and you can hear the screaming all over the park.

As a special highlight every evening ends with the grusical „The dead carpet“, written by Andrej Baranow and Tina Knaus, taking place in the vulcano arena of the park. A venue for an audience of 5.000 people. The who is who of movie- and legendsmonsters are fighting to be the supermonster in this show, which is a fast mix between horror, humor, action and dance.

Two songs of Jennifer Rush are included in the play – the dark „I See A Shadow (Not A Fantasy)“, played while the monsters fighting hard against each other and „The Power Of Love“ as the happy ending theme, where one frightening character comes back to life. For love – even monsters feel love.

„The Power Of Love“ started with Jennifer strapped in, so she could descend into the audience from 20 feet. Andrej Baranow is a close friend of Jennifer and personal stylist over many years. It was a pleasure for her to follow his invitation to perform these two songs in the final shows of this event and surprise the audience with her appearance. Watch the pics to get a clue about this special performance. Jenny: „It was fun to be part of it! An interesting experience.“

Photo: JR.C

Jennifer Rush performing "I See A Shadow (Not A Fantasy)"

Photo: JR.C

"The Power Of Love" above the audience

Photo: JR.C

Photo: JR.C

The final

The lady and the monsters - shooting with the cast right after the show.

And here two snapshots of the rehearsal:

Jennifer Rush and Andrej Baranow




Jennifer Rush on stage in Postdam, Germany, November 2013

Jennifer Rush will perform her outstanding ballad "The Power Of Love" in a rare version plus "I see a shadow" in the Vulkan Arena in the Babelsberg Studios in Postdam, Germany, November 1st and 2nd.

As an happy end angel she will apear in the Musical "The dead carpet", which is part of the huge Halloween event "Berlin Horrornights".

She followed the invitation of the star stylist (Berlinale) Andrej Baranow, who is not only her stylist, but personal long time friend.

Andrej Baranow
Photo: Somer Abbass Yacou

Jennifer Rush at "the dead carpet"
Photo: Matthias Voss

Andrej Baranow and Jennifer Rush
Photo: Matthias Voss

Poster "the dead carpet"
(c) Filmpark Babelsberg

Pics of the show will come soon.



Jennifer Rush in Shanghai, October 2013

Jennifer Rush had a blast last week in Shanghai - here she is after a buisness meeting at Sony Music Entertainment China.

Nicholas Wu (Director of Sony Music Entertainment China), Jennifer, William Hsieh (General Manager)



Festival in Zeitz, Germany

5,000 people came to see Jennifer Rush as the opening act of the Festival in Zeitz, Germany and celebrated her great show. Here are some impressions from this wonderful gig.

Photos: Rosy Karin Grabandt

Feel free to read a press review (german) and click here for some more pics of the show.




Interview with Jennifer Rush, August 2013

Jennifer Rush will be live on stage tonight in Zeitz, Germany. In an interview with the press she talked about the gig, music buisness and her family. Read the interview here.


NDR Sommertour 2013

9,000 people joined the Concert of Jennifer Rush in Salzgitter, Germany.

Photos: NDR

For more impressions click here.



Tribute to Freedom Festival 2013

Jennifer Rush live in Bratislava/Slovakia at the Tribute to Freedom Festival.

Photo: SITA/Diana Černáková

Click here for more impressions of Jennifers performance.



Live Concerts in August 2013

Four more concerts are confirmed:

August 3rd, "Tribute to Freedom Festival"

Bratislava (Slovakia)

August 8th, "Konstanzer Sommernaechte"

Konstanz (Germany)

August 10th, NDR Sommertour

Salzgitter (Germany)

August 24th, "Schwarzbiernacht"

Zeitz (Germany)




Sold out in JOburg, May 2013

With the successful program from the shows in Cape Town Jennifer and her musicians plus the band Romanz did three fantastic concerts in Johannesburg (Joburg), all sold out including the additional concert on May 1st. The only difference – the choir parts were done by the well known Drakensburg Boys Choir. Here the songlist of the tour:

Opening act: Romanz, performing five songs including their version of Adele´s „Skyfall“


Jennifer Rush enters the stage:


I Come Undone

Never Say Never

25 Lovers

Ring Of Ice



(Clothes change)


Down On My Knees

Hero Of A Fool

Eyes Of A Woman

Echoes Love

The Power Of Love


Choir enters the stage, singing together with Jennifer Rush:

Ave Maria (slow orchestral version)


(Clothes change, during this the choir performs two songs)


Credo (with choir)

Places You Find Love / The Power Of Love ending with choir and the Band Romanz



Ave Maria (fast version)


You´ll find some pics of the show in the fanblog - we will try to put some online here soon.



Brilliant voices – amazing shows in Cape Town

First time ever Jennifer Rush live on stage in South Africa, first time ever with a huge choir, first time ever "The Power Of Love" with four "duett"-partners – so many "first times" - did this work? Oh yes – out came a phenomous show with so many highlights, that the audience was just overwhelmed of this festival of voices, in front: Jennifer Rush with her outstanding voice and unbeatable sympathic appearance. The opening act of the show was the South African band Romanz and will be in the concerts in Johannesburg as well - just singing with their keybord player in elegant suits. After this highclass start, Jenny entered the stage in a short black dress - not less elegant than the guys - and catched the audience from the first moment on with "I Come Undone". Jennifer presented her greatest hits as well as some personal favorites and of course songs of the Album "Now Is The Hour". A good mix between uptempo numbers with the full band and silent moments, like the touching ballad "Still" only accompanied by the keybordplayer at the end of the show. After a few songs Jenny changed into a looong golden dress. The South African Youth Choir came on stage to sing Jennifers "Ave Maria" together with her in the orchestral slow version. While Jennifer changed her dress into a beautiful classy black-golden robe, the choir entertained the audience with african rhythm and JOY, before they did "Credo" and "The Places You Find Love" together with the new dresses Jennifer Rush, all songs perfectly new arranged. They gave a flashback to the 90s, since on the album "Credo" in 1997 Jennifer worked together with an african choir in the background. "The Places You Find Love" went over to "The Power Of Love", now also including Romanz. "The Power Of Love" as a quintett - Jennifer and Romanz did soloparts - with choir: all these fantastic voices gave the song a complete new color the people adored. As well as getting on their feet to dance to the original version of "Ave Maria" as encore. Watch some impressions of the Cape Town concerts here. More stagepics will follow soon.

Jennifer Rush, Gabriella Massa, Valerie Scott and the South African Youth Choir (SAYC),

Photo: G. Massa

Jennifer Rush and the Choir on stage, Photo: SAYC

Jennifer Rush and Romanz

Jennifer Rush and Band with Romanz on stage, Photo: SAYC

First venue is done – after two amazing shows Jennifer Rush and the musicians are now moving over to Johannesburg.



"Still" - Live on TV, April 2013

An early bird special in the morning show Expresso today - Jennifer Rush made the sun rising. Watch the touching performance of the outstanding ballad "Still" from the Album "Now Is The Hour" here or in the fanblog and you will see the perfect timing of Jennifer singing about it and the sun really RISING. Wow...

After a real marathon in doin interviews and live performances over the last week - it has been a lot of fun - the time has come to "shut up" and save the voice for the upcoming performances in Capetown on April 26th and 27th.

As you can see on the pic below - a funny snapshot taken at the airport by the backgroundsinger yesterday - the bandmembers ARE saving their voices already and using a voiceless way of communitcation instead. They all arrived well in South Africa - everything´s ready for the shows.

Photo: G. Massa





Multi Platinum Award for Jennifer Rush, April 2013

During her stay in South Africa Jennifer Rush received Multi Platinum Award from Sony Music South Africa for her enormous sales in this country. CONGRATULATIONS to this really, really rare award, given over to her in a little ceremony.

Looks as if it really is the right time for her to FINALLY visit South Africa and present her songs live on stage.

Rehearsals are goin on... here a pic together with the South African Youth Choir.

Stay tuned for more news and feel free to discuss them in the fanblog !



Jennifer Rush in South Africa

Jennifer and her crew arrived well in South Africa to keep on doing rehearsals and of course a lot of promotion for the upcoming shows. Klick here to listen to a short audio-file from the radio-interview with the southafrican radio-station Jaracanda.

Here some more links:

Looong interview with radio2day in full length;

short video of Jennifer Rush on Kfm Breakfast.

For more videos and interviews check out the fanblog / facebook.

Another gig is confirmed - May 1st in Johannesburg ! For tickets and details check out the dates.




Live Season 2013 opened

Live Season 2013 opened - first stop Doebeln, a beautiful little town in the south-east of Germany. Only a week later Jennifer Rush together with the keyborder M. Subasic and the singers Valerie Scott and Gabriella Massa rocked over 10.000 people as the opening act to the yearly City-Party in Jena (Germany). Next stop Capetown and Johannesburg, Southafrica, with the full band.

Here a little snapshot taken from the stage taken by Gabriella Massa.

More pics in the fanblog, later on in our Live-Gallery and in this article.



Live in Concert 2013

Gigs in South Africa confirmed:

April 26th and 27th, 2013 - Cape Town, Convention Centre

May 3rd and 4th, 2013 - Johannesburg, Emperors Palace

Jennifer Rush and the Drakensberg Boys Choir - the legendary Choir will be special guest in Johannesburg.

Check out the dates - more information coming soon.



Jennifer Rush on German TV

Jennifer Rush will perform her outstanding hit "The Power Of Love" in the german Show "The Ultimate Chartshow - The Most Covered Songs In Charthistory". It will be on air February 8th, 21:15 h, RTL. Don´t miss it !


Happy Holidays, December 2012

Another year has past and even though the news on the website might look empty – a lot of interesting things happened for Jennifer Rush this year. Jenny: „An artist is working even if she is not visible.“ Aside from her many gigs and studio projects, Jenny started vocal coaching for talented young singers in New York City which she sees as very inspiring to do. This of course definitely does not mean that she will stop appearing on stage herself in 2013! NO WAY– some live concerts in 2013 and television shows are in concrete planning. The dates will start being confirmed by the end of January. Once the dates are confirmed, we will immediately put them in the dates section. Last month Jenny did an interview with a german magazine – including a home story with some beautiful new pics, we will show on our site soon. You can watch the article in the Fanblog or on Facebook.

Until then: "Happy Holidays to everyone!  Will be back with news soon - I promise. Lots of love to you all, Jenny."




Website relaunched, April 2012

"Hope you like the new web design and new pictures! Stay tuned for more news and wishing you all a  great Spring and Summer! Love, Jenny"



10 years ago the well known german comedian Dirk Bach made a great idea come true and gathered some artist, friends, and colleagues to go on stage and perform their favourite songs to collect money for the Aids Aid Cologne. Since then he and his organisational  partner Bernd von Fehrn found more and more artists, so it got really big over the years. 50 artists – singers, comedians, tv/radio-hosts, actors – took part this year and worked hard for the money they do not get themselves but to give to Aids Aid. This year Jennifer Rush loved to follow the invitation and of course the idea, to perform not a Jennifer-Rush song, but some favourites. The 2 day event started with a little show on Friday night – Jenny performed one of her all time favourites, Aretha Franklin's “Respect”, did a funny duet with the wonderful Dirk Bach afterwards: “I Was Made For Loving You” and surprised him with a spontaneous “Great Balls Of Fire”.

Photo: JR.C     Photo: JR.C

Jennifer Rush and Dirk Bach performing "I Was Made For Loving You"


After this warm up evening the big show started on Saturday with a four hours program. FOUR HOUR PROGRAM ? This cannot work – but it definitely did. Well known german and international artists created an amazing show – some in roles you know them, but some in roles you would never ever have expected them to be good in. Hard to describe – you have to see this with your own eyes. Cover me is funny, nuts, touching, impressing, extremely entertaining – and just sympathic. Never forgetting the good cause behind it: Celebrate for Help.

Photo: JR.C

Jenny did the last song before the grand final and performed Bette Midlers “Wind Beneath My Wings” in a beautiful, beautiful and touching version and got standing ovations from the audience in the sold out Palladium in Cologne. And it is Bette Midlers nickname that really fits to this event: Divine madness !

Photo: JR.C

Jennifer Rush with Dirk Bach and Bernd von Fehrn...

Photo: JR.C

... and backstage with Barbara Schöneberger.

For more pics visit the gallery and of course the fan blog.



Jennifer Rush at Cover me

Jennifer Rush is performing at the 10th Annual Cover Me AIDS event in Cologne, Germany, December 9th and 10th.



Acoustic September - loads of travel, fun and performing

Three different stages in one week: on a Luxury Liner, in front of Luxury Cars and for Charity – Jenny used these three “not-open-to-the-public” gigs to enjoy doing her acoustic program. Together with the same keyboarder, who did the Minx-Fashion-Menue event with her last year, she presented her songs unplugged and got fantastic reviews.

First stop was the German Luxury Liner MS Deutschland – for 30 years the MS Deutschland has been the backdrop for the well known TV-Show “Traumschiff." To celebrate this anniversary they invited Jennifer Rush as special guest for a concert on board on their trip from Ibiza to Civitaveccia ( Rome ). The review from no other than the ship-owner wrote about a “grand concert” on the “MS Deutschland of the international praised singer Jennifer Rush: With her characteristic voice and a fascinating performance Jennifer Rush made the audience become extreme enthusiastic. Standing ovations in the concert hall.”

Here some pics of the concert and the rehearsal the day before:

Photo/Copyright: Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH

Photo/Copyright: Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH

Photos/Copyright: Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH

Photo: JR.C

It was Jenny´s premiere as a singer on board of the MS Deutschland, but not as a guest. Before her singing-career started years ago – YEARS AGO – she´s been on board as a guest of a crew member and admitted now laughing: “This time, I had a better cabin…” More pics will follow soon.

From Rome Jenny flew over to Frankfurt, Germany for the next gig on the yearly charity event of WIZO (Women´s International Zionist Organisation) – the so called “Patenschaftsgala”. This organisation takes care of injured kids and women in need.  Host of the evening was Andrea Kiewel, well known from several german TV-shows. Again Jennifer impressed the audience and the press: “Powerful, impressive – Jennifer Rush is singing her songs so light, that that the audience received goosebumps after the first cadences.“

Photo: JR.C

Photo: JR.C

She stayed in Frankfurt and did a gig for the IAA – Internationale Automesse. Now together with a piano player plus two background singers Gabriella Massa and Valerie Scott. The three women and the man at the piano - M. Subasic - catched the audience with their powerful performance. Pics of this event will follow soon.

Jenny: “I still love singing with my full band, but as an artist it is always fun to try out new arrangements, new ways to perform music. I had this acoustic idea in my head for long, am soo happy it is so well received ! I am ready for more!”



Jennifer Rush Rocks Wulheide with an audience of 17,000

Photo: JR.C

June 25, 2011: As the last act of the night at this year's Open Air Festival of Berlin's Radio Station 91,4. Jennifer came onstage right after 10pm. The schedule was very strict due to laws re: concerts so late in the evening so Jenny didn't have as much time to chat with the audience as she usually does. She used her time to sing her old hits - newly arranged and new songs from her newest CD.

Photo: JR.C

Photo: JR.C

After the song "Eyes of a Woman" came a fun moment. They had placed a beautiful chair for Jenny to sing the her highly emotional ballad "Still" 20 meters away from the band and close to the public. To her it was like a catwalk on a fashion show and she was a bit nervous doing this in high heels.  She said "I am a singer not Heidi Klum" no disrespect to Heidi Klum of course - and the audience laughed with her.  On her walk back to the stage she was able to fit in one clothing change.

Photo: JR.C

As her last song Jenny and band did Great Balls of Fire - the musicians had no problem using the catwalk - they were wearing sneakers!  Immediately after Great Balls of Fire there was a grandiose Fireworks display.

I Come Undone - The Power Of Love - 25 Lovers - Ring Of Ice - Eyes Of A Woman - Still - Tears In The Rain - Destiny - Ave Maria - Great Balls Of Fire

Check out our gallery for more pics.



Gigs for 2011 - Update

Jenny just performed her first open-to-the-public event of 2011 with her band in front of an audience of 1500 in Isenburg, Germany.  

Here are some pictures of the event and rehearsal:

Photo: Ani Kunert

Photo: Ani Kunert

Photo: JR.C

Photo: Ani Kunert


Photo: JR.C

Photo: JR.C

Photos: JR.C; Ani Kunert

Check out our Fanblog - there you will find a more detailed report and other pictures!

After this indoor premiere of 2011 the next date is an open air - Jenny's first this year.

The gig Jenny and her band did at Wuhlheide, Berlin in 2009 was so well received  they are heading back for a repeat performance!  In 2009 Jenny hadn't finished her new CD - it will be fun to hear some of the new songs LIVE!

More confirmed dates to follow.



Concerts in 2011

First concert dates are confirmed - more to come soon.


Portrait in AnDante

The classically oriented magazine AnDante put Jenny on their cover.

It was the first time they featured a "pop singer!"  It contains an extensive interview and some before unseen family pictures.

To the article



Artists against Aids in Berlin, November 22, 2010

In the Theater des Westens in Berlin, Germany Jennifer sang for the 10th Anniversary of "Artists Against AIDS."  It was an exciting evening with all proceeds going to the Berlin Aids Organization.  The audience of 1,600 heard "The Power of Love", "Still" (from "Now Is The Hour") and after Dirk Bach helped Jenny out of half her gown - she ended her performance with Destiny in mini skirt and boots.  

Here are some links:

ZDF, tv.Berlin

Pictures: kurfuerstendamm, AEDT



Arata superb si canta divin...

Jennifer charms Bucharest concert:

It was with standing ovations Jennifer Rush ended her concert on Sunday night in front of 4,600 fans in the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

Some of her reviews from the Romanian newspapers:

  • ".....charmed the public with her humor, voice and her incredible positive energy" (
  • "..... one of the best international voices ever" (
  • " fan went home disappointed - top ten of American female singers of all time" (
  • "......extremely sexy, fantastic atmosphere. She looks amazing and sings like a goddess" (



Photos: ecomunicate, iConcert



Jennifer Rush on Romanian TV

The evening before the concert Jennifer was a guest on Romania's OTV TV Show "Senzational" with host Dan Dianconescu who also owns the television station.  Jennifer and Dan seemed to get on quite well.  It was a highly amusing hour long interview.

P.S.: For any of you who were wondering why there was such a press ruckus ... To set the record straight - no, Jennifer will not marry him.



Exclusive Live Concert in Bucharest

On October 17, 2010 Jennifer Rush will do an exclusive live concert in the beautiful Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania.



Jennifer Rush unplugged !

Minx Fashion Menue is a benefit that has been in existence since 2007.  It is a charity that benefits AIDS and was in Wuerzburg, Germany.

This year the show was done first outdoors, in front of the Residence with an audience of 4,000.This is where  Jennifer sung the first part of her show in an unplugged version with the keyboarder M. Subasic.  

The second half of Jennifer's performance was inside the building to yet another audience.

Jenny: "For me personally, anything I can do to fight against AIDS is an honor.“

Fotos (Public Catwalk): Marco Skulschus

Foto: Manuel Reger, Fashion Menue Website




Rathenow, September 10, 2010


After the official fireworks came the fireworks on stage:  Jennifer Rush with her band performed for over 4,500 people a 90 minute show!

There were of course quiet moments to Jennifer's performance - for the first time she sung live onstage the ballad "Still" from her new CD "Now Is The Hour."

Fotos: Marco Skulschus



Everyone on board!

During the Brandenburg Day Celebrations in Schwedt, Germany Jenny performed outdoors, this time on a ship floating through a beautifully illuminated waterway.  

Songs she performed were Ring of Ice, Power of Love, and Windows from Now is The Hour.  

Next stop for Jenny is with her band again on September 10, 2010 in Rathenow.

Foto: Schwedt



Schwerin - On Stage

Here are some pics taken during the concert in Schwerin - more to follow.

Fotos: Marco Skulschus



Schwerin – Backstage

Jennifer Rush ON stage means:  voice, hair and LOTS of fun. And BACKstage? To make it short: the same.  Jenny is talking less during the day since she needs to save her voice for the performances. But her hair also needs to get in shape and even with so much professional discipline there is always enough time to have fun!  Here are some candid snapshots from the preparations to her last concert taken in her suite at the hotel in Schwerin.


Jenny´s stylist Andrej Baranow at work.


Done – ready for the concert.         Jennifer Rush backstage right before the concert



Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Tag, August 14, 2010

Even through the rain showers, 6,000 fans came to celebrate Jennifer Rush's second concert in North-eastern Germany. 

The second concert in 2 weeks!  With Schwerin's beautiful castle in the background Jenny delivered another brilliant show.

The tracks from the current CD together with the old "classic" songs had the audience dancing and singing.

Next stop is Schwedt, Brandenburg (Germany), September 4, 2010.

Here´s a picture taken during rehearsals before the gig.

Live gallery is still in the works – more details soon.



Jennifer Rush - Open Air with 9,000 Fans, Germany August 1, 2010

Sponsored by German radio station NDR Jennifer was just in Guestrow, Germany in front of 9,000 fans.

Jenny sung not only "Rush Classics" (I Come Undone, Destiny, The Power of Love....) but also songs from her current CD "Now Is The Hour" (Echoes Love, Windows, Eyes of a Woman...)  

The reviews have been amazing.  Next stop is Schwerin, Germany on August 14th.  Here are some pictures from the concert and the rehearsals, more to follow.


Fotos: NDR

Foto: Marco Skulschus



Gala events

Two gala events confirmed:

11.09.2010 Fashion Menue - Aids Gala, Wuerzburg (Germany)

20.11.2010 Tulip 2010 - Die Deutsche Parkinson Gala, Potsdam (Germany)

Check out our dates-section for details !



Band Live Rehearsal/Performance Euskirchen, Germany July 9, 2010

Jennifer Rush on the balcony of her hotel suite before the concert: "The rehearsals with my band went great, and I am looking forward to performing the new songs live for the first time tonight!"

Two hours later Jenny delivered a great show.



Summer Live-Shows 2010

In this years open air festival season fans can catch Jennifer Rush performing live on these three open air festivals in Germany:

August 1st 2010 - GÜSTROW - NDR Sommertour

August 14th 2010 - SCHWERIN - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Tag 2010

September 10th 2010 - RATHENOW - 20 Jahre Rathenower Stadtfest



Top 10 in Greece!

We're happy to let you now that "Now Is The Hour" moved up to No.6 on the Greek album charts!


Chart position (5th week)

On the official German album charts of April 16th 2010 "Now Is The Hour" drops from #60 to #82.


Chart position (4th week)

On the official German album charts of April 9th 2010 "Now Is The Hour" drops from #44 to #60.


"ECHOES LOVE" - REMIX - the first sound sample!

The wait is over: The "Seduction(s) Remix" of "Echoes Love" is here! Click on our music player (top right) and listen to the first sound sample!

For the first time in her career Jennifer Rush releases a coinciding single remix, a novelty to Jennifer Rush devotees and club mix fans. Now "Echoes Love" will not only rush into the airplay and download charts, but with the "Seduction(s) Remix" it is also set to conquer the dance floors!

"And our love will echo back to her!"

The download single including the remix will be available from April 9th 2010.



"ECHOES LOVE" - the single cover!

Dear Jennifer Rush fans!

Take a first and exclusive look at the stunning cover for the new single "Echoes Love"



Chart position

On the official German album charts of April 2nd 2010 "Now Is The Hour" drops from #27 to #44.


"ECHOES LOVE" - the new single!

Following the solemn "Before The Dawn" the 2nd single from Jennifer Rush's album will be "Echoes Love".

The catchy uptempo-track is not only a fans' favourite but was also embraced by radio and tv professionals - reason enough! "Echoes Love" will be released to radio before the end of March and will be available as a download single in all internet music stores soon. There are currently no plans to release it on physical CD-Single.

As a surprise sensation to the fans next to the album/radio version there will be a fantastic disco-house-remix of "Echoes Love"!

We will keep you up to date with the first sound sample and release date here on JR.C!



Jenny & Rita

This coming Sunday (March 28th) two German tv channels will broadcast an over 5-minute long feature about Jennifer Rush: Tune in to RTL "Exclusiv" at 17:45 and VOX "Prominent" at 23:10!

The feature will include interviews, scenes filmed during Jenny's promotion trip in Munich and Berlin as well as a one very special moment: For the first time ever, Jenny's stepmother, Rita, a classical pianist and repetiteur joins her infront of the cameras and gives exclusive piano accomaniment to Jennys very special performance of "Still".

Don't miss this charming duo!.



New chart positions

"Now Is The Hour" is ranked at #27 in its second week on the official German album charts.

A surprise sensation meanwhile is its new entry into the Greek album charts at #8!

The album also got released in UK.

Poland and Skandinavia will follow soon.



Now Is The Hour - Chart Entry

We're happy to let you know that "Now Is The Hour" entered the official German album charts at No.21.


Now Is The Hour

Today is the day!

The wait is over: „Now Is The Hour“ the fantastic new studio album of Jennifer Rush is available in the shops and via download. It’s Jennifer’s tenth studio album and the first with all-new material since 1997’s “Credo”. Hardly any other comeback has been anticipated as highly by fans and media than “the Voice’s”.

Now she is back at last and convinces critics and fans with her fresh and new sound.

Jennifer Rush 2010 sounds familiar and yet new. Her incomparable exceptional voice shines in the 15 tracks of the album, from huge hymnic ballads to catchy dance-pop uptempo tracks.

She has been missed, and when you listen to the album you’ll realize how much!



Album tracklisting

Wir freuen uns, das offizielle Tracklisting von „Now Is The Hour“ zu veröffentlichen:

  • 1. Dream Awake
  • 2. Betcha Never
  • 3. Windows
  • 4. Down On My Knees
  • 5. Head Above Water
  • 6. I Never Asked For An Angel
  • 7. Echoes Love
  • 8. I'm Not Dreaming Anymore
  • 9. Now Is The Hour
  • 10. Like I Would For You
  • 11. Before The Dawn
  • 12. Eyes Of A Woman
  • 13. Just This Way
  • 14. Ain't Loved You Long Enough
  • 15. Still

As you can see it's the first 15-track Jennifer Rush-album ever and Jenny is extremely pleased about giving that number of songs to her fans.

Click below to hear an exclusive snippet of "Before The Dawn".



TV Dates

Jennifer Rush will appear on the following German TV shows this spring: (More dates to come soon!)

  • March 6th ZDF "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel"
  • March 12th NDR "NDR Talkshow"
  • March 13th NDR "DAS!"


First single from "Now Is The Hour"

The beautiful ballad "Before The Dawn" has been chosen as the first single from Jennifer Rush's highly anticipated new studio album.

 It's going to be released to radio very soon. Jenny first recorded the demo to “Before The Dawn” during her time in London and she hopes it will be embraced by her fans.

You will be able to hear the first snippet of it here on JR.C in just a few days!.




Wishing all my fans Happy Holidays -and I am looking forward to seeing you all again in just a few months with “Now Is The Hour”!

Love, Your Jenny




We're more than happy to announce the official release date for Jennifer Rush’s new album.

“Now Is The Hour” will be released on March 5th 2010.

This is going to be the beautiful cover artwork::




The photo shoot

The photo shoot for Jennifer Rush’s new album “Now Is The Hour” has been taken place in Berlin recently.

Sony Music and Jenny hired Nikolaj Georgiew, one of Germany’s best photographers for this job. He has been working with artists like Melanie C, Fady Maalouf, Peter Maffay or Mark Medlock before and is famous in the business for his stunning photos and videos.

The pictures turned out AMAZING and everyone on the set was excited about the locations, the dresses and the art of Nikolaj Georgiew.

Below you can see an exclusive on-the-set-impression taken by JR.C and we hope to be able to show you the first official pictures from the photo shoot here soon.



Jenny live at "Laut in München"

On October 15th Sony Music Germany held the „Laut in München” event welcoming hundreds of invited guests from retail, media and music industry.

Performing artists on stage included Daniel Merriweather, Silbermond and Jennifer Rush who was announced as one of Sony Music’s biggest release highlights for 2010.

The crowd went wild the second she came on stage and she brilliantly performed two songs from her upcoming album. Reactions to Jenny’s appearance were overwhelmingly positive and the audience of experts celebrated her return.

So it was more than a good omen that this comeback is going to work and succeed!



The album title!

We’re happy to finally reveal the title of Jenny’s upcoming album first here on JR.C:

Jennifer Rush’s 10th studio album which is set for release in early 2010 will be called:


Read more about the story behind the album title, the photo shooting and Jenny’s live performance at Sony Music’s “Laut in München” very soon here on her official website!



Studio Recording

Jennifer Rush and the producer team of Valicon will get together again by the end of August for final recordings.

After a long and thorough process all songs have been picked and Jennifer is extremely happy with the tracklisting of the new album.

It’s a mix of fresh dance-able uptempo songs, some floating mid-tempos and of course great ballads. From a huge hymn (simply made for Jennifer Rush’s unique voice!) over to classic pop and nearly acoustic ballads.

We’re pleased to announce that songwriters for the new Jennifer Rush album include Swedish pop mastermind Jörgen Elofsson (Leona Lewis, Westlife, Celine Dion), British singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, Niara Scarlett (Sugababes, Girls Aloud) as well as Nashville songwriting legend Sharon Vaughn (Trisha Yearwood, Delta Goodrem, Alcazar).

The return of Jennifer Rush is getting closer and we’re all very excited! Keep visiting this news section as more updates and details are coming soon!